21 Day DIY Equal Opportunity Meal Plan and Guide


21 Day DIY Equal Opportunity Meal Plan and Guide

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Ever heard of Equal Opportunity Eating?  It's Brio's dietary philosophy and is all about eating respectfully, locally, and healthfully.  I'm happy to provide a meal plan for purchase that embodies this philosophy.  The DIY Equal Opportunity Meal Plan is typical of what I give my VIP clients - an incredible value.

The meal plan is perfect for Cancer Survivors who know how to get around the kitchen but need a little guidance about healthy eating after cancer.  The 21 Day meal plan includes:

  • 3 weeks of detailed meal plans including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks

  • Meal prep guides to take the hassle out of healthy eating

  • Anti-cancer ingredients

  • Convenient shopping lists

  • Full nutrition information

  • Serving size for two people

  • Omnivore's diet (meat included)

  • Gorgeous pictures

  • Easy, quick recipes

Please Note:

  • Zip file ready for immediate download after purchase

  • All e books and downloadable meal plans are not eligible for refunds