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Welcome to the Survivor Fatigue Solution Members Only Community!

This group is your digital support community as you embark on your energy journey after cancer.

Susan, the Founder of Brio and Creator of the Survivor Fatigue Solution, is also your Community Manager. She’ll be here regularly answering questions and helping you along.

Although Susan is here as much as possible, this is a member-focused community! Your community members depend on you to answer questions and provide support. We want to make sure this community is a safe space and preserves the quality of the group at all times, which is why we have developed these rules and enforce them on a daily basis.


Overall Philosophy:

All members must:

  • Uphold every member’s right to vitality and program success with unconditional, non-judgemental, and respectful treatment.

  • Use compassion, empathy, and encouragement to help members fulfill their goals and maintain courage through the SFS Phases.

  • Provide a foundation upon which fellow members can depend for accountability, assistance, and perspective.


If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. We do not allow rants, calling people out, or complaints around how someone chooses to live their lives.

Just be nice. It’s that simple.

If you have a complaint, problem, or concern, message Susan directly through the direct message feature in the community.


Provide genuine and helpful feedback and suggestions to others. Ask questions. Give answers. Be the kind of supportive friend you would want and need on your energy journey.

Remember: We’re all here to help each other…so give more than you take, please.

IMPORTANT: If you are having login or tech issues OR if you have a complaint, please email susan@briosurvivorwellness.com.

Overall, we want this group to make a HUGE IMPACT on your vitality. We want you to grow and we want to be here to support you along the way!  

You’ve got this!