Group Coaching Bonus Video 1: Community

Group Coaching Bonus Video 2: Mindset


Brio Blog Post: Self Compassion for Cancer Survivors

Calm and Calm Body - You get a free month of Calm with the SFS starting in Week 4! They have meditations and gentle stretching programs. You might want to check out Calm’s offerings now. - Previously you could access some videos and meditations on Gaia for free but it appears they’ve changed…you can get a two week trial for 99 cents, but otherwise it looks like this resource is no longer free.

You Tube has many restorative yoga videos for free…no guarantee of their quality but you can get an idea.

Group Coaching Bonus Video 3: Mindset

Group Coaching Bonus Video 4: Practice (Mindfulness)

Group Coaching Bonus Video 4


Brio Blog Post: 11 Ways Cancer Survivors Can Motivate to Exercise

Livestrong at the YMCA

Triumph - In-Person fitness rehab for cancer survivors in the Northern California Area (Created by a Cancer Survivor.)

Beloved Bust - Online program for myofascial scar release for breast cancer survivors.

Strength and Courage - Exercise information for survivors of breast cancer. (Exercise program on DVD is twenty dollars.)

Recovery Fitness - Website of Cancer Survivor Fitness Guru Carol Michaels.

You Tube Video: How to Lie on A Foam Roller

Bonus Group Coaching Video 6


Deep Nutrition: Catherine Shanahan, M.D. - this is a link to her website which contains information about her book by the same name.

Cookbooks: Here are a few great cookbooks I love. These are links to the Amazon listings for the books (I don’t get money from you buying there, just trying to make it easy for you to check out!)

Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi

5 Ingredients by Jamie Oliver

The Food Matters by Mark Bittman

Chimichurri Recipe

Cilantro Pesto Recipe

Healthy Food at Costco List by That Clean Life

Link: The Benefits of Organic Milk

Link: The Benefits of Whole Dairy