5 Ways To Make Time for Healthy Living After Cancer



Aah, the passage of time. Where does it go?

It’s true for me that time is the most precious consumable I can’t get my hands on. I’m sure you can relate; if you had double the number of hours in a day to get everything done, would it be near enough?

I’ve worked with and surveyed countless cancer survivors over the past months and years. I’ve asked you what your barriers are to healthy living. Wanna guess what one of the most common answers is?

Yup - time.

So how do you find more of it, this most precious thing that slips through our fingers like fine grains of sand?

I’ve racked my brain for the answer, and trust me I did it for you and me both. I came up with these 5 things:

First. Don’t get stuck in traffic.

So, I mean this literally, sort of.

Sitting in traffic is a massive waste of time. I think we can all agree on that.

But I also mean, to find more time for wellness, try engaging in your wellness practice and learning in place.

Choose an online wellness program to learn everything you need to know to stay well after cancer from the comfort of your own home. Do yoga on your living room floor or at a studio within walking distance. Eat locally by walking to the farmer’s market and eating at a farm-to-table restaurant in your neighborhood. Grow your own food right in your backyard. Ride your bike to work.

Make it convenient. Make it easy.

It saves time.

Second. Invest your time wisely.

Don’t waste your time with wellness myths, they’re a waste of money, and time! No snake oil. No trends. No well meaning, misguided advice from friends or family members that knew someone who knew someone who did XYZ.

Make sure you’re investing in activities that are backed by evidence and guided by a professional who knows a thing. Or two.

And it doesn’t have to be my upcoming program, although I’d love it if you joined us. :)

I simply want to make sure you’re getting quality advice based on science. Because it’s the right thing for you, and such programs will actually get your results in a reasonable amount of time.

That’s what really matters, and you deserve it.

Third. Schedule it.

For me, if it doesn’t get scheduled, it usually doesn’t happen.

Ain’t that the truth with almost everything in life?

Scheduling and time blocking actually allow you to carve out time in your day, week, month and year for the most important thing in your life - your health and boundless quality of life.

And when you plan for your healthy practices, you’ll better anticipate when you’re routine will be foiled. I actually encourage you to EXPECT to have your routine derailed by the unexpected. It makes you feel in control when it inevitably happens.

So give yourself some quality wellness time and schedule it - right now!

Fourth. Take stock of the time you use for unhealthy activities and gosh darn it, trade up.

OK, you don’t have to scream it from the rooftops, you can keep it to yourself. But be honest, do you have any, uh…questionable habits?

Do you sit in the Starbuck’s drive through for 20 minutes in the morning staring at your phone, waiting to order that 1000 calorie coffee-tinged confection?

Do you drink a few too many when you get home from work and become a soggy couch potato watching re-runs of The Office for hours, half out of your gourd?

No judgement here, really.

I’m just pointing out the obvious.

Many of us say we don’t have time for wellness but we MAKE time for habits that don’t get us anywhere.

Just be honest about that and maybe today, make a 1:1 exchange. One bit of time you usually use for something that hurts you gets replaced by something that helps you.

Just one.

Fifth. You’ll gain energy when you engage in healthy activities and that will actually result in more time in your day.

You knew I was going to go there. Hurrah!

Healthy living practices give cancer survivors more energy. Yes they do. This is well proven and the reason this blog exists.

When you have more energy, you can do more in your day and that, my friend, gives you more time to get even healthier, and make more energy and more time!

You see where I’m going here.

Taking the time for wellness practices results in more time in your day, through efficiency of physical function, clarity of thought, quality sleep, less pain - good old vim and vigor.

So start now because your effort will result in more time to do exactly what you want to do with your days and your life.

A beautiful thing.


What do you think?

I love these five things because they’re simple and useful - and you can start doing them today.

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Take care, Survivor.



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