The Brio Mission: Helping Cancer Survivors Feel Better and Stay Well



The experience of teaching Brio’s three step system in our first online wellness education program has been an incredible thrill. We’re making progress, just one week in, and our program members are looking forward to all there is to come in the program and in their lives.

Shout out to our program members - you are rocking it!

Launching the program over the past few weeks was equally exciting. During our online workshops, I had the opportunity to say hello to old friends, meet new friends, and teach a thing or two. I hope you were able to attend. I can’t wait to invite new members into the program in a few months.

I’ve been reflecting over the past few days about what Brio IS right now. The Brio Blog opened one year ago this month and you have made it so much more than what it was a year ago. It started as a place to spread enthusiasm for using wellness - good food, mindfulness, and movement - as an empowering “medicine” to create vitality after cancer.

And what is it now, about 365 days later?

Brio is a community of motivated, hopeful cancer survivors who want not a new normal after cancer, but a new extraordinary, a community of people who will do everything it takes to get well and stay well after cancer.

I looked back at Brio’s mission statement - those 5 things I promised you and myself I would bring to you - and I think over the past year we’ve stayed true to this mission. This week’s blog post is a re-declaration of this important goal. I’m featuring it this week because I want you to be really clear about the 5 things Brio promises to give you through it’s unique educational programs.

1. Your vitality is our mission. 

We believe cancer survivors deserve to live with vitality after cancer.  It's our passion to conquer fatigue and give every survivor the energy not only to function, but to thrive. You had cancer and now it’s time to live your life with vigor, vivacity, and verve! We're here to make sure that happens.

2. We want you to succeed.

Too many cancer survivors aren’t given the right information to do exactly what’s necessary to conquer fatigue after cancer. That’s why Brio created a crystal clear, step-by-step process to transform tired cancer survivors into energetic, thriving people. We did the hard work to research and plan the most efficient, surefire route to gain the energy you need - so you can do exactly what you want, every single day.

3. Your quality of life is our priority.

Brio understands the negative impact fatigue has on your life. Being too tired to function, and the frustration, shame, and embarrassment that follow, aren’t feelings you should have to face. That’s why Brio’s programs are backed by science - your life matters too much to rely on a wish. If you do your part, we’ll take you to the finish line because the stakes - your quality of life - are just that high.

4. You belong here.

Cancer survivors need a place where people really understand what you’ve been through and where you want to go.  Brio provides a community of peers who share your struggles and have the knowledge, commitment, and perspective to help you get and stay well. Research shows that cancer survivors with unconditional support have a greater sense of well being. This is why our community is a fundamental part of our process.

5. Your courage helps others.

Your courage to transform your fatigue into vitality inspires hope in the survivors that come after you. Your success tells them, “You can do it, too.” This hope-in-action is contagious and gives every exhausted survivor the inspiration they need to start their journey. You Survivor - you are what makes The Brio Community so much greater than the sum of its parts.


What do you think?

I love those five things. They’re powerful and they are ALL ABOUT YOU. Tell me what you think about our mission statement in the comments below. Is there anything you would add? Anything you like or disagree with? I want to hear it all!

If you’re interested in hearing more about The Survivor Fatigue Solution Online Wellness Program for Cancer Survivors, get on the waiting list by clicking the yellow button below. I’ll let you know as soon as registration opens again in a few months.

There’s so much more to read on the blog; make sure to check out the posts below.

Take care, Survivor!