Questions Brio Survivors Are Asking About The Survivor Fatigue Solution



The big day has finally arrived. The program I’ve been working on for a year is ready for you, Brio Survivors.

I created The Survivor Fatigue Solution for a few reasons. First, I want you to feel great after your cancer treatment. Let’s face it - treatment is hard on your body and for some, the recovery period is significant. The Survivor Fatigue Solution will help you through that recovery and help you reach a new level of vitality and health, a new lifestyle you may never have thought possible.

Second, I created the program because what makes you feel better will keep you well.

Yes, it’s true.

The healthy lifestyle techniques I teach in the program are also those things associated with a decreased risk of cancer recurrence. Nobody can tell you if your cancer will come back, but at least with this program, you’ll know you’re doing everything that the medical research shows is associated with a lower risk of cancer recurrence.

Third, I created the program because cancer survivors asked me for it. In my daily practice I was faced with the question, over and over, “What do I do for fatigue? How can I make sure the cancer won’t come back?” You asked me, “Am I doing this right, am I doing a good job?”

I wanted to empower you, to make sure you knew you were doing everything you can to stay well after cancer. So I’ve outlined a clear process for you. That way, you can be sure you’re doing it right.

You may want to know a few more specifics about the program. Brio Survivors have been asking me the following questions, so I thought I’d share the answers with you to give you a better idea of what to expect.

1. I’ve tried everything to fix my fatigue but nothing seems to work. How will this program help me get my life and energy back?

I’m so glad you asked this question! The Survivor Fatigue Solution contains all the critical elements cancer survivors need and medical research says WORKS - no smoke and mirrors here. Furthermore, the program walks you through those critical elements via a carefully sequenced, easy to follow, step-by-step plan AND provides the community support you must have to succeed. It’s the first of it’s kind - so I know you haven’t tried something like this before!

Another special element of the program is the way it channels your broad hopes, like getting your life and energy back, into tangible goals that are truly achievable and you’re sure to exceed! Tweaks in your thinking are what you need to set you in the right direction and The Survivor Fatigue Solution is the ONLY way to do it.

2. I don’t have much extra time. How much of a time commitment is the program?

I’ve used everything I’ve learned over a 17 year Nurse Practitioner career - years of helping cancer survivors and reading the medical research and packaged it into an easily consumable program. You don’t have 17 years to wait to get started, so I’ve given you the benefit of these years of knowledge distilled into just 19 videos no longer than ten minutes each. It’s the most efficient format possible to get the maximum benefit in the shortest time.

Plus, you’ve got the program for a lifetime. You can go back to it over and over on your journey and take the time when it’s right for you. Plus, you can use the program on the go, on any device. Listen to the material on your commute, on your daily walk at your lunch hour…the convenient online format saves you time!

3. Can this program help with this nagging uncertainty I have about cancer recurrence?

Absolutely. Nobody has a crystal ball to tell us whose cancer will come back and when, but the massive advantage of this program is it covers all the lifestyle bases to decrease your risk of recurrence. It’s incredibly empowering to know you’re doing everything you can to keep your cancer from coming back.

You’ll also have access to a motivated wellness community of cancer survivors who feel the same way you do. So many cancer survivors feel they have no where to turn but that’s not happening to members of this program - not on my watch! Feeling certain you’re not alone in your uncertainty may be all you need to move forward. This is why the online community is an integral, “required” part of the program.

4. As a cancer survivor I’ve already been through so much. Shouldn’t I get this for free?

The way I look at it is like this:

You are not a victim and you don’t need hand outs.

Cancer Survivors who are truly committed to finding vitality and reaching a new extraordinary put skin in the game and are far more likely to reach their goals. I have the obligation as the creator of this program to fill The Survivor Fatigue Solution Online Community with go-getters, people who will stop at nothing to reach their new extraordinary and take you along with them!

It will not serve you to treat you like a victim, so I’m not going to. I believe in the value of the critical information and personal attention you receive in this program, and I believe in the value of high quality peers who know how to get stuff done. And I can’t wait to see you in there absolutely rocking it out!

I’ve created two options for payment to make the program accessible to as many motivated cancer survivors as possible. You may want to check out the payment plan if you’re more comfortable paying a smaller sum over a few months than paying full price upfront.

5. I don’t want to be in a depressing cancer forum. How is this different?

Great question. The Survivor Fatigue Solution is not a cancer information portal or a place to commiserate about having cancer.

Instead, it’s a place for cancer survivors who have beaten the disease and gotten the “all clear” from their cancer care team to move away from illness and toward good health and boundless energy. It’s about having the confidence of knowing how to take care of yourself after cancer, to feel great and secure you’re taking the right steps to keep the cancer from coming back.

So we’re not going to complain about symptoms or whine about our lot in life. This program is all about action to ameliorate symptoms naturally with evidence-based techniques that won’t always feel easy, but we’re going to do it with a positive attitude and a sense of humor.


6. How does the program work?

The program starts on April 22, 2019! When you sign up, you’ll create a login and have access to the program dashboard, workbook, community, and calendar. You’ll be able to access the first week of the program on April 22.

From there, each week’s lessons are dripped out to you, week by week, for a total of 6 weeks, so we can work through the material together and keep the right pace. You’ll receive the program release schedule inside the program so you’ll know exactly what’s happening and when and have plenty of time to plan.

This is adult learning. There are no grades or judgement on your progress in the program. This is a self study program that benefits you by fixing your fatigue and sharing the experience in the online community.

As the program instructor, I will be collecting questions weekly to personally answer in the live weekly Q and A sessions. You’ll register for the Q and A sessions once you buy the program. The schedule for the Q and A sessions is included on the online program calendar.

I will also be providing coaching in the members only community forums AND you can ask me questions directly via private messaging in the community. I am totally committed to being your cheerleader and coach, and even to give you a little tough love from time to time, because cancer survivors are my heroes. I want you to feel boundless vitality and have good health and well-being because you deserve it!


Enrollment in the program start date of April 22, 2019 is closed! If you’d like to get on the waiting list for the next enrollment period, click here.

I can’t wait to see you inside!

Take Care, Survivor.