5 Reasons Cancer Survivors Love Online Support



The internet is part of our world now, and for Cancer Survivors, that’s a great thing.

The medical research shows that online education is good for cancer survivors. The fact is, there will be 50 million cancer survivors by the year 2050. The more ways those survivors can access great health information to help themselves feel fantastic, the better!

So I say - bring it on.

Here are 5 reasons cancer survivors should absolutely love online programs for wellness after cancer.

It leads to empowerment.

You have everything planned in your life and cancer isn’t part of it.

For so many, the cancer experience makes you feel robbed of what you’ve worked for, your dreams, and your power.

Going online to be with other cancer survivors and gather information has the effect of activating you. You are helping yourself, participating in caring for your body and mind, and this results in a feeling of control and empowerment.

And when you feel in control of your life, you feel better about the present and the future.

Participating in online programs for cancer survivors is a way to proceed from the vulnerability and powerlessness you’ve faced as a cancer patient during diagnosis and treatment. The chaos you’ve experienced will change into the feeling that you’re driving your life’s direction, on your own terms.

It helps you deal with change.

Cancer survivors need support through a journey of change. It’s not necessarily a journey you asked to be on, but you’re on the journey nonetheless and you want to make the destination extraordinary.

The problems is, the people in your physical life just want things to stay the same, to get back to normal. This leaves cancer survivors feeling unsupported and well - stuck.

This very situation is what motivates many cancer surivors to go online for support - the experience of change. Online cancer survivor programs give an opportunity to learn ways of coping with change through others’ experiences.

And becoming involved in a program that helps you through change, and where you can help others, can only help yo form and be comfortable with a new identity.

You might feel like you’re in a different world now, and online programs can help you feel comfortable in that world.

It fits your life.

A great thing about online survivorship programs is they’re convenient for everyone.

You can live anywhere. You can have any schedule or obligation. You can participate while you’re working, travelling, care giving, even driving! You can “attend” an online program at any hour, even at 2 in the morning when you can’t sleep or work nights.

This is a beautiful thing because it gives people access who may not otherwise have a chance to participate.

Online survivorship programs are also convenient for every type of personal style, whether you’re super active in forums or someone who would rather hang back and read others’ comments.

Those more passive survivors are actually the listeners of the group and in that provide a valuable function. And don’t forget, listening is an active process that benefits the listeners above the support their listening provides the group.

It gives you the information you want to get and stay healthy.

Doctors are not the internet. They are people who know a lot, and they know how to take care of you when you need it most. And they want you to get and stay healthy after cancer, but they don’t always tell you exactly how to do it because honestly, they don’t often have the time or resources to lay out a plan.

Online survivor programs that are based in medical evidence can help cancer survivors do exactly what their doctor wants them to do. Eat a healthy, cancer-fighting diet. Exercise, get strong, and stay safe. Do what it takes to help your brain recover and increase memory, focus, and calm.

You can take what your doctor wants you to do and run with it by finding the right information online.

This makes you smarter and healthier in the way you know is best for you.

It improves your well being.

When you feel heard and supported through change, when you’re given the information you need and want and the opportunity to feel part of something bigger than yourself, when you feel empowered to live your life the way you see fit, you can cope with life’s challenges and experience a sense of feeling well, feeling calm, and improve your well being.

This is exactly why online support is so crucial for cancer survivors. It fills the void, seals the cracks, lays the foundation for you to feel as strong as you are.

It’s the reason Brio exists.

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Take care, Survivor!