Healthy Holiday Treats for Cancer Survivors


Happy Holidays!

I absolutely love Christmas. It’s my favorite time of year. I look forward to holiday traditions and Christmas morning with my husband and son. And of course, I love all the sweet treats.

Healthy eating during the holidays can be challenging. There are so many goodies circulating at parties that pounds can creep on without any warning. As we’ve discussed in previous posts, obesity and high sugar foods can be detrimental to cancer survivors’ health outcomes. Because this blog is all about cancer survivor wellness, I thought I’d give you some alternative, healthy ideas for your next holiday baking session.

Now don’t get me wrong, these recipes aren’t totally innocent! But they do have a little less sugar, more fiber, healthier fats, and more protein than your typical dessert recipes.


If you’re interested in more recipes like these…

I’ve put together a holiday cookbook you can download by clicking here. The recipes in the cookbook are healthier twists on some traditional favorites and a few totally new ideas for your next holiday sweets exchange. Try a recipe and take the opportunity to look at holiday treats in a new way. After all, we’re all equal opportunity eaters around here, right?

And Remember Cancer Survivors:

The holidays are a busy and emotional time for many, and they can be particularly stressful for cancer survivors. Coping with cancer-related fatigue, anxiety, pain, and insomnia on top of the usual holiday hustle and bustle can feel like too much sometimes.

To help you cope through this busy period, I suggest paying special attention to maintaining self care. Mindfulness practices, exercise routines, and healthy eating habits can keep you feeling energized and increase the chance you’ll actually enjoy the season.

Happy Baking and Happy Holidays!