Happy Cancer Survivor's Day!


Happy Cancer Survivor’s Day!

I started Brio in April 2018 because it’s simply absurd so many cancer survivors feel poorly after treatment. Here you are, enduring the emotional and physical effects of cancer and its cure, and when it’s all finished, you feel worse than ever?

I work in Oncology. I know life isn’t fair. I know suffering is a senseless part of the human equation. Denying the inevitability of suffering isn’t going to get us anywhere.

Brio is what I created as a denominator in the equation, a little something to divide the impact of cancer on your life into tidy, manageable parts so you can take them and rebuild, make them into something better than you could have imagined before.

You’ve made me an optimist, despite my realism.

I should back up a moment and say - not every cancer survivor feels poorly during and after treatment. Not every cancer survivor is anxious. Not every cancer survivor is derailed by fatigue, pain, or insomnia.

I receive emails regularly that say, “You know, cancer isn’t my life. I just want to move on.”

I usually receive those emails from people who are annoyed by my communications about new blog posts and programs. And I’m telling you, I am so happy when I get them! If you’re annoyed by me, if you don’t need what I’m offering - that makes my day.

But so many people do need it and I am here, talking directly to you on Cancer Survivor’s Day.

The reason I love Cancer Survivor’s Day is because it acknowledges you and puts you in the center of a celebration of life. It honors you and your families as an inspiration, not a sufferer. Not as victims.

Because if suffering is inevitable, we all suffer and nobody is special for it.

What makes you extraordinary is that you stare suffering in the eyes, you give it a nod, flip it the bird, and live through it.

And even though you’re afraid it will never end, or that it will be your end, even though you’re wrecked and weak and maybe don’t know where to turn or where to start when it’s over - by living through, not for, against, or in spite of it, you give the gift of a greater humanity.

By doing this you are grace itself.

That is why you are an inspiration.

That is why you are extraordinary.

So thank you.