Brio: A New Way to Conquer Fatigue After Cancer


Hi, I'm Susan.  Welcome to Brio Survivor Wellness - the place cancer survivors come to conquer fatigue!

I'm an Oncology Nurse Practitioner and although it's hard to admit, I've made the mistake of telling fatigued cancer survivors to eat well, exercise, and de-stress without giving them a strategy to succeed.  Typical survivorship care surrounds a Survivorship Plan detailing treatment to date and a future surveillance schedule including clinic visits, labs, and scans.  Cancer suvivors are sent home with this Survivorship Care Plan that does nothing to address lingering anxiety and physicial dysfunction, not to mention debilitating FATIGUE. 

After realizing my mistake, I searched for resources backed by medical evidence to guide cancer survivors in what really matters to them - what to eat, how to start exercising, how to cope with brain fog, how to find acceptance and peace, and maybe most importantly, how to combat fatigue. 

Unfortunately, I didn't find what I was looking for.

What I did find was:

1) The same shallow advice I'd been giving my patients.

2) Good information in a million different places with no systematic way to implement it.

3) Information and strategies far too overwhelming for the typical exhausted cancer survivor to actually complete.

Cancer survivors go through surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.  They come out the other side just hoping to live their lives.  It's not too much to ask.  

Cancer Survivors -

I know you could have eaten better before your diagnosis and now, you're too tired to even consider making healthy changes to your diet.  But you know you must. 

I know you didn't exercise regularly before your diagnosis, or perhaps you did and now you're too tired to even think about it.  You have no idea where to start, but you know you must. 

I know that you're anxious the cancer will return and you just want to feel acceptance and peace.  But you know you must. 

I know that you're so tired you can't get up to get a drink of water, let alone get dressed and go to work.  But you know you must.

But how should you make the changes so critical to your well being?  I've got a system in 5 steps created especially for cancer survivors.  It's based on a secret that is well validated in the medical literature.

The interventions proven to reduce fatigue in cancer survivors are the SAME interventions that result in better overall health and decrease cancer survivors' risk for cancer recurrence.  And better yet, these are not complicated, expensive medical interventions.  They are lifestyle changes that cancer survivors can do at home with the right guidance, at their own pace, starting nowhere but where they are, physically and emotionally, today.

We're planning big things at Brio.  I can't wait to give it to you.