Conquer Cancer Survivor Fatigue with Brio!


brio - noun  \ ˈbrē-(ˌ)ō \: enthusiastic vigor; vivacity; verve

Welcome to Brio Survivor Wellness!  I'm glad you're here because your life needs you!

I'm Susan, Oncology Nurse Practitioner and Founder of Brio Survivor Wellness, the only cancer survivor resource designed to educate cancer survivors AND provide a clear, easy system to conquer fatigue after cancer! 

I am a career Nurse Practitioner, 18 years and counting, and I've taken care of hundreds of cancer survivors.  There is no doubt in my mind that the most challenging symptom to treat after cancer treatment is FATIGUE.  It is frustrating for everyone, survivors and providers alike, because it requires survivor tenacity to defeat and effects every minute of every day. 

There's no doubt that fatigue has a serious impact on quality of life.

Brio is all about defeating fatigue and taking your life back with nourishment, movement, and mindfulness.

I know you're saying, "I'm too tired to think, let alone exercise, cook, and meditate."

Exactly.  That's why I've distilled the information every survivor must know and used it to create an easy to follow system. 

Confession: I've been a bad Nurse Practitioner.  I admit I've been one of those providers who's uttered words like these: "There's nothing medical wrong with you.  You just have to recover from your treatment.  Eat well and exercise, and follow up in three months."

What kind of advice is that for a patient?

The not helpful kind.

One day, a survivor came to me for her follow up appointment.  She was a two year survivor of rectal cancer and I'd been seeing her every three months.  She asked me, for the tenth time, "But Susan, what do I eat?  I'm afraid that I'll eat something that will make my cancer come back.  And I'm so tired."

Finally, I got it. 

Survivors need a system to follow, not general advice.  General advice is useless for a cancer survivor who is already overwhelmed, scared, and tired.

So I made Brio Survivor Wellness.  Because it's about time to give cancer survivors what they deserve.  An evidence-based, step-by-step system designed to educate and heal.

So come here often to read and learn.  It's simple - follow the system to give your body what it needs after cancer treatment.

You have a future filled with enthusiastic vigor, vivacity, and verve.  Live your future with Brio!