Happy Thanksgiving 2018


Happy Thanksgiving!

I do love this American holiday. There’s not much pressure and a lot of family and friends, so it sits real well with me. This Thanksgiving, an 18 pound organic turkey and I have a serious date with destiny. I’m hosting about 13 people, so I have a lot of cooking to do!

I started the blog in April of this year and thanks to you, it’s grown so much. I tackled many relevant topics early on and because I’m not sure how many of you go back into the archives, I decided to take advantage of the holiday and highlight a roundup of five useful posts from the last six months you may not have read. Just something for you to chew on after your turkey dinner!

Insomnia - How Cancer Survivors Can Get More Sweet Sleep

In this post, I talk about the causes of insomnia in cancer survivors and what you can do now to get more sweet sleep. And no, it doesn’t include eating lots of turkey! Cancer related fatigue is exacerbated by insomnia. So it follows - doing everything possible to encourage healthy sleep will help your overall fatigue and well being.

Chemo Brain - 5 Strategies to Fix Your Chemo Brain Now

Here we discuss chemo brain. Many cancer survivors are most bothered by this phenomenon and feel they weren’t warned about its lasting potential prior to treatment. If you can relate, you’re definitely not alone. In this post, I include strategies to help with chemo brain and an opportunity to download the Brain Love Planner - a weekly and daily planner you can use to help with recall. It also features reminders to weave the brain love strategies into your daily schedule.

Mindfulness - 5 Ways Cancer Survivors Can Be Mindful

I don’t want to nag you on Thanksgiving, but you have to read this post on mindfulness in cancer survivorship. Mindfulness is so awesome! Research shows mindfulness helps insomnia, chemo brain, fatigue, pain, anxiety, depression - the benefits are deep and wide. Meditation itself might not feel comfortable for you, so in this post I give ideas for finding the mindfulness practice that’s right for you.

Obesity - Obesity and Cancer Survivorship

Obesity is an important topic to discuss in terms of cancer survivorship. Obesity is proven to worsen cancer survivors' quality of life, chance of cancer recurrence, cancer progression, and overall survival. This blog post gives you the what, why, and the how on this topic and and includes an opportunity to download the Weight Loss Meal Plan. If you’re concerned about your weight and cancer recurrence risk, the meal plan is a great place to start.

Online Support - The Value of Online Support For Cancer Survivors

Brio is all about helping cancer survivors with fatigue live with energy, clarity, calm, and overall good health. You may know I am faithfully creating an online program and community to help cancer survivors on their wellness journey. I wrote this post a few months back because it gave me an opportunity to dive into the research about online programs for cancer survivors. The data is clear - online support is beneficial for cancer survivors and has huge potential to reach cancer survivors who may not otherwise have access to a survivorship program or caring community. I encourage you to read the post to learn exactly how online support can be beneficial for you!


I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving with family and friends, and I hope you take a moment for yourself to read the useful articles mentioned above. I’m thankful you’re part of my community, and I really hope we’ll be spending more time together in the Brio Survivor Community soon.

Happy Thanksgiving, Survivors!